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Ian's Realm Saga the Trilogy

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When Ian Wilson travels through a portal to another world with his father, he is caught in a crossfire between dragon worshipers and those warring to rid their world of evil.

A story about a boy and his dad, About courage, honor, and integrity, about taking responsibility for one's actions, about love, friendship, betrayal, and redemption....and a dragon.

It’s obvious Ian’s Realm (the film) has much in the way of box office potential at an international level and is a diamond in the rough waiting for discovery. - Vents Magazine
​“Ian’s Realm Saga: Sample of Promising Fantastical Adventure-” Indie Short Mag.

“Enthralling. A fair way of portraying a teenager’s path to maturity.” -Amazon review​“The story had heart, harshness, forgiveness and humor. Made me laugh and cry.” -Amazon review.

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