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Fall of the Kings Book 2 Sword of Cho Nisi

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Erika continues a rocky relationship with Arell as they travel over the Nisi Sea, still haunted by her mistakes. Arell, determined to secure Cho Nisi's allegiance with Erika's father, oversees the elders in their healing of Erika's brother. But crisis strikes the kingdom when Barte son of Moshere's army invades Prasa Potama, orchestrated by the demon Skotádi. One by one, the men she loves fall into peril, and Erika alone must make crucial decisions for the good of her people.

Kings, warriors, and faraway kingdoms. DL Gardner is back again with  another captivating high-fantasy - Independent Book Review
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The Keeper is book 5 of the Sword of Cho Nisi series. Available July 20 - August 16 2022 at a discount on KICKSTARTER


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1 month ago

Another fantastic fantasy hit.

The ongoing journey of Princess Erika and Arell is a story worth being told. Their relationship is a messy one, but their love of their families and willingness to work together is something to appreciate. Their path to peace is wrought with deception and Erika shows how determined she is to make the best decisions for the good of her kingdom.

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