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Hoarfrost to Roses

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Adele Johansson is the town outsider, desperate for a chance at redemption... Her parents are murderers, sentenced to hang, and she must live on the charity of an aunt and uncle she barely knows. Her only hope is to marry but how can she do that when she has been forced into a society to which she doesn't belong?

Grai Madison is on the brink of inheriting a vast fortune until fate steps in... Just before Grai can take command of his grandfather's estate, he is brutally stabbed and robbed. Left for dead, he is saved by a spirit who takes control of his body to save his life.

When Adele stumbles into the ruins that shelter Grai, she finds a man whose mystery must be unraveled before his would-be killer discovers them both.

Or do they unravel their heartstrings instead?

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