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Sword of Cho Nisi book 1 Rise of the Tobian Princess


Fall of the Kings Book 2 Sword of Cho Nisi


Curse of Mount Ream Book 3 Sword of Cho Nisi


Silver Threads


Darkness Holds the Son


Ian's Realm Saga the Trilogy


Layla Born at Night : Book 3.1 Ian's Realm Saga


Fallen Morning book 3.2 Ian's Realm Saga


Diary of a Conjurer book 4 Ian's Realm Saga


Cassandra's Castle book 5 Ian's Realm Saga


Boxed Set Sword of Cho Nisi


Far Side of Heaven


Where the Yellow Violets Grow




Hoarfrost to Roses

Sword of Cho Nisi fantasy novel

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Sword of Cho Nisi book 1 Rise of the Tobian Princess
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From the moment Erika makes a fatal mistake that could cost her father his kingdom, she meets the challenge of redemption head-on, tackling the Dark Wizard, rescuing her brother from a torturous curse, and wrestling with a stormy love affair. She's not alone, for the struggles are more than one person could handle, and her help comes from both family and unexpected sources. Regardless of who proves their allegiance, the Sword of Cho Nisi series is a test of courage for all our heroes.

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree
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 The entire series along with book 5 The Keeper is available on Kickstarter until August 16, 2022. Come take a look!

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